Uwabami (ウワバミ?)} is three snakes and one of the animals of Oumagadoki Zoo.


In her normal form, she is three different snakes (a striped green snake on the right, a gold cobra in the middle, and a spotted purple snake). When transformed, she appears like a human compared to most animals. She has blond hair that has the three snakes, giving her a Medusa resemblance. She wears a purple snake-skin dress, a blue band around her neck, and red high heels. She has green eyes. She also has fangs and a forked tongue.

At the beach, Uwabami wears a black swimsuit, and Hana Aoi claims she looks like a Holywood star.





It seems Uwabami has a little crush on Shiina, due to the fact that in some recent chapters, small blushes seem to form in her face, like during Chapter 5.

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  • Sure-kill Detach (必殺・切り離し Higi Kirihanashi?):



  • Her name comes from uwabami (うわばみ, 蟒蛇), which means giant snake.
  • A common shorthand of her name is 83.
  • She is a mix of species, as the middle snake on her head is a cobra and her laugh is a rattlesnake, though Aoi Hana says she's a Japanese Rat Snake in the oneshot. This was revealed when Uwabami transformed into three snakes in Chapter 31.
  • According to Kōhei, Uwabami is ridiculously good at holding her liquor, which is a reference to the fact "Uwabami" can also be used colloquially for "heavy drinker".
  • A character based on Uwabami (same name and appearance) appears in Kōhei Horikoshi's current work, My Hero Academia.

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