Shishido (シシド) is a lion and one of the animals of the Oumagadoki Zoo.


In his human form, he has long spiky hair that resembles the mane of a lion. Despite being in human form, he still keeps his lion nose. He has claws on his hands that are normally sheathed when he doesn't need them. He has a scar on his side that he got from another lion.


Shishido shows himself as arrogant and rude at first. Throughout the manga, he declares many times that he will defeat Shiina and become the boss, as that is a lion's natural instinct. Towards the end of the manga, however, he becomes more caring and protective of his friends. He shows this by protecting Hana Aoi from a tiger attack and sacrificing himself to give Shiina more power to defeat a powerful bear.



Shiina had to keep Shishido locked in his cage in his lion form at first because he kept trying to pick fights with the rabbit-director-man and taking over as the boss. Later, however, Shishido shows that he cares by "sacrificing" himself to give Shiina more power to defeat an enemy.

Hana Aoi Edit

Hana Aoi was the one who gave Shishido Shiina's smoke so that he would become human. She also let him out of his cage. He considers her a friend and protected her when she tried to protect him from a near-fatal tiger slash attack (sort of like: "Shishido! I'm going to protect you. You're basically almost dead" "Nah, man, I'm going to protect you.").

Oumagadoki ZooEdit

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Abilities and PowersEdit


  • Lion Heart (ライオンハート Raion Haato):
  • Lion Tiger Throwing (ライオン トラ投げ Raion Tora Nage):


Desire for the Boss TitleEdit

While he was still a lion in the wild, he fought a duel with another lion for the boss title, but he lost with a wound. On the verge of death, Shiina found him wounded and stranded. He used his smoke to transform him to see if he is alive. When he shows sign of life, he is taken by Shiina to the Oumagadoki Zoo. When Shiina arrived and transformed the lion, he caused a riot in search for the boss. Shiina transformed him back to his original form and never transformed him again since.

Rabbit vs. LionEdit

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  • His name comes from shishi (獅子, しし), another word for lion.
  • His name can also be 宍戸.
  • A common shorthand of his is "77".
  • His personality and behavior are very similar to Katsuki Bakugo, a character in Horikoshi's latest work, My Hero Academia.
  • He is also seen as the Number 13 Pro Hero in My Hero Academia during the Endeavor Agency Arc and Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

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