Rodeo is typically a stern, no-nonsense type of horse with a hardworking personality. He is noted to be an extreme herbivore supremacist and has great distaste towards both carnivores and omnivores. He does treat herbivores very well and his personality instantly changed when he learned that Kisazou was an elephant, promptly apologizing for fighting him and desiring to settle the dispute in a civil argument. With herbivores, he becomes much more kind and polite, although Aoi Hana noted he is just as scary when he is either happy or upset, given his fanatical insistence. He seems to dislike fighting between herbivores and views it with disgust, calling it 'gross' when Kisazou unconsciously knocked him away with his trunk when he was frightened.




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  • His name is the same as the competitive sport where riders attempt to remain atop their bucking horses.
  • The creator created Rodeo's form in one go and took a liking to it, calling it 'really cool', despite his terrible personality.


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