Character OutlineEdit

Oogami (大上 Ōgami) is a Dhole (Red Wolf) and one of the animals in the Oumagadoki Zoo. He's one of Hana's good friends.


Oogami's untransformed style is the same as that of a fox, but when he transforms thanks to Shiina's smoke, he has a gray hairstyle and his coast collar is fully brown and his eye's collar is then dark red. In his transformed form he looks almost like a human by wearing normal shoes and a neat green coat.


He normally has a cheerful personality, however he is rather timid, as he becomes extremely scared against stronger opponents. However, he is still loyal to his friends, admitting during the V.S. Aquarium arc that while he is afraid of pain, he's even more scared of losing his friends.



While finding Shiina's attitude towards life irratating, like all the other animals, he respects him and calls him "director" and knows that he cares about the animals.


The two seem to get along reasonably well, as both consider themselves unsuited for combat. The two can work reasonably well together, as seen when they managed to defeat Dholak and Tekka Maki of the Ushimitsudoki Aquarium.

Abilities and PowersEdit

He has sharp calculating skills which is his main faction of the brain. He also has excellent sense of smell and hearing.



  • His name comes from ookami (狼, おおかみ) or wolf.

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