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Welcome to the Oumagadoki Zoo Wikia. The home of Horikoshi's previous work before My Hero Academia. There's a lot of connections between the two worlds and it's our goal as a Wiki to document it.Please take a look at our Manual of Style page before editing.
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Chapter 1: Welcome to Oumagadoki
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The girl Aoi Hana enters the zoo for an part-time job. She sees around that the zoo is quite empty and that there are no any single person around there. After seeing some animals around the zoo, she enters a day dream, that working a zoo is a job for what she was yearning for. She then trips and falls down for some mafia looking person. She apologize and they were leaving she says that she screwed up again and were recalling what has happened yesterday. Some friends of Hana were been disrespecting her for working at the zoo and came with outlines what she had all done in here clumsy self. They were saying to her that she must give it up.
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Hana is the main heroine of the Ōmagadoki Dōbutsuen manga series written and illustrated by Kouhei Hirikoshi. She's an animal expert and love them deeply. She works at the Oumagadoki Zoo.

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