Igarashi (イガラシ) is a spotted seal and one of the animals of the Oumagadoki Zoo.


When transformed, his whiskers are long and are tied at the back of his head. His black fur also shapes as a bow tie and a vest.


He has a calm personality but his wild side comes true when he doesn't get his Arabesque Greenling. He has a very sharp, calm and respective language. It seems that he is a very popular animal, seeing on how many times he has been kidnapped by others.


Hana AoiEdit

He has a very sharp relationship with Hana. He respected her from the beginning and warns her how to feed him. After that Hana knows how he respected her as a true Zoo Keeper. He addresses her as "my lady".





  • His name comes from azarashi (海豹, あざらし) or seal.
  • The name Igarashi can also be translated as "fifty storms" (五十嵐)

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