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Hana Aoi (蒼井華 Aoi Hana), also known as "Clumsy-Good For Nothing" by her classmates, is the deuteragonist of the Ōmagadoki Dōbutsuen manga series written and illustrated by Kouhei Horikoshi. She's an animal expert and loves animals deeply. She works at the Oumagadoki Zoo.


Hana has short, black hair and and black eyes. She wears a white, collared shirt and garbage boots with work gloves. She always carries a broom since she works at the zoo.


Clumsy Title

Hana during her Handball practice

Unfortunately for Hana, one of her most notable traits is her clumsiness. She is prone to tripping and falling, which often results in someone (including herself) getting hurt. She is the "eternal substitute" for the handball team, causes an uproar in her chemistry class by setting things on fire, and confuses the sugar and salt when she makes onigiri. Despite her clumsy and scatterbrained tendencies, she hopes that she will eventually be accepted by those that don't mind her more negative traits. To her credit, she is also quite earnest and kind, and tries to do her best to become a great animal keeper. Her favorite things besides animals are natto beans, fried soba, and handball. She doesn't like many of the latest technologies because she doesn't know how to use them.


At her school she has a horrible reputation as "Clumsy Good for Nothing" thanks to her uncoordinated behavior. She is a member of the handball team but they placed her as "Eternal Substitute" because she continuously threw the ball incorrectly and tended to catch the ball with her face rather than with her hands. Despite this, thanks to her practice on the handball team, she is a fast runner. Due to her reputation, she would always sit at the back of the class, and she lacked any friends of her own.

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After she begins work at the zoo, she is often woken up by Shiina to start her day. Her duties include doing laundry and preparing food for the animals. After that, she serves the meals and then waits excitedly at the ticket booth. Since the zoo has a low popularity, she ends up being disappointed and waiting for nothing, and winds up just cleaning the zoo grounds. By the end of her shift, she simply takes a shower and waits for her next day at the zoo to arrive.


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It shows the daily life of Hana in the Oumagadoki Zoo after that she has been accepted by Shiina as the new Zoo Keeper. She helps animals to get their agility and pride back that were been holden down by Shiina's stupid way of thinking. She helps them to get a better place or to run faster and evenly tried to ask peoples in a city to go the zoo and went to the beach to relax. An as end of it, she were been trying to help a young lion named Shishido that has been imprisoned in the cage during his rampage that he has set at the first time after that Shiina took him in the zoo.

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At first, she thought that Shiina was a lunatic, as well as a scary and selfish person. Despite this, Shiina is the first person who really sees something in Hana and believes she has the potential to bring popularity to the zoo and help him get his body back. Hana's initial impression of him eventually shifts from viewing him as selfish to simply viewing him as a bit childish, and she begins to somewhat understand his personality. Even so, Shiina is rather manipulative towards her, and rarely shows his appreciation for her work.


Hana saves Igarashi

Hana saves Igarashi

Hana was forced by Shiina to feed Igarashi, to which she agreed due to her love for animals. Igarashi explains what Hana must do to feed him. Hana then explains further to him, thereby gaining a little respect from both Igarashi and Shiina. After that, Hana was crying after hitting Shiina on accident. During this time, she sees that Igarashi has been kidnapped by some gangsters. Although her initial instinct is to run away, but builds up the courage to try and save Igarashi. Shiina was busy to beat them up. Hana manages to save Igarashi, and he ends up respecting her greatly.

Gorilla KongEdit

Upon seeing him, Hana realized that his cage was too small. Hana then explains to Shiina that Gorilla's not to have a large space where they can climb and move freely. After that Shiina were been making a outrage they were been hiding behind some bushes and were start talking. He then explains why he's still royal to Shiina, but Hana were been dragging him out and he starts to attack the statue. After that Shiina has broken his own statue thanks by Hana and Gorilla Kong, they were been hit hard by Shiina and both of the were been creating a new cage. Hana and Gorilla Kong became good friends which that Hana has also a new guard for protection.


Hana were been feeding the animals but trips after she tries to give them away. After that she were been crushed by Shiina to the ground because he were bored she then sees "Chita" all fat. She then talks to the director about an behavior exhibition which she must gonna do that. She then goes to Chita saying that he must go on a diet to get back his instincts and repeats it after that Chita were saying that he don't want to. Hana then went after Shiina saying that it is bad that he has a bad opinion from other animals. After that Shiina ask her who that it she then says that it is Chita and came up with a lie that his legs are faster than that of Shiina or so what she has heard. Between the race Chita were been saying that it is all Hana's fault. Hana denies that saying who knows.


Hana were been sitting in a box were having a meeting with Uwabami and Oogami, discussing about the zoo. After that they came up with some posters they were saying that Hana is fitted to do the job but Shiina has found out after battling with Kisazou. She then went for them through the city but with no any success she didn't give any. Uwabami and Oogami were been calming her down as sign that she has done her best. They were real friends at the time on the beach, they were been talking with each other and so their friendship has been raised a lot.


Hana knows Oogami much better after that she went in the city for Uwabami and he to give a flayers to get visitors. Hana sees him as one of her best friends just like Uwabami.


Hana has been noticed that Kasai were having a crush on Uwabami and tries to help him out. She says that they will start with flirting, but she were never having a relationship before. After that she were been saying "Ram" a path towards love, Shiina appeared. After that Uwabami was in danger they Kasai helped tries to but Shiina got her. After all thanks by Hana, Kasai has been noticed maybe that Uwabami likes him too.


After that Hana were been hearing from Uwabami that there is another animal, Hana then took some of Shiina's smoke while he was playing Tag and released it to an Lion. When he were been activated and causing a rampage, Shiina came to her after that Hana were been saying that it was her fault. After that Shiina beating him, she and the animals were been cleaning up the whole zoo.

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Hana's mother has only been mentioned in the series. Their relationship is unknown because she has yet to make an appearance in the story.


They don't have a good relationship with each other. Hana was often bullied by Ikumi and her friends, and Ikumi threw away many of Hana's fliers for the zoo. When Shiina beats up Ikumi's boyfriend, Ikumi asks Hana to wait, and seems to have something to say to her. Hana then holds a flier out, saying that if she has anything to say to her, she must come to the Oumagadoki Zoo.



  • Her name seems to be a play on Aoi Hana (青い花) or Blue Flower.
  • A common shorthand of her name is "87".
  • The character "Zookeeper" from Horikoshi's latest series, My Hero Academia is based off her. She was once a nice, kind zookeeper before the Curator brainwashed her into assisting him in his evil actions.

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