Gorilla Kong (Gorira Kongu, ゴリラコング) is, as his name states, a gorilla and one of the animals of Oumagadoki Zoo.


Even when he transforms, his appearance doesn't change.


At times, he is shown to be awkward and usually thinks he is awkward, but he is shown to be clever as he made his cage larger from the rubble of Shiina's Me Statue and he used a fish bone as a weapon.



Aoi HanaEdit

Abilities and PowersEdit


  • Gorilla Claw (ゴリラクロー, Gorira Kurō): In the English manga, it's called Gorilla Grab.


In the past, when he was still in the jungle, his awkwardness caused him to be cast out from his troop (a group of gorillas). While he was wandering through the jungle, Shiina appeared and took him by force to the Oumagadoki Zoo. During his and Hana's meeting, she helps Gorilla Kong to admit his feelings on his inadequately sized cage, toppling Shiina's Me Statue in the process.


  • His name is a portmanteau of Gorilla and King Kong. Coincidentally, there was a parody scene where he was climbing up on Shiina's Me Statue in Chapter 2, similar to how King Kong was climbing up on the building.

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