Dholak (ドーラク Dōraku) is a Japanese spider crab and No. 4 of the Ushimitsudoki Aquarium.


When transformed, he wears a mask of a crab's carapace and his long-armed claws appear on his back, with his hands shaped like a crab's body. When the mask is removed, his eyes are revealed to be inside.


While working under Inasa, Dholak tried to get a promotion in order to rise in the ranks. He seems to be rather impatient, seen when Tekka Maki accidentally stopped breathing and he told her loudly to regain her senses so she could capture Chita.

He has a habit of laughing "gishigishi".

Abilities and PowersEdit

Dholak is quite powerful, as he is adept with using the two crab legs atop his head. They seem to be his main and possibly only weapon. As the tips of the limbs are sharp, every hit he landed left a mark on his opponent. He is also able to reach long distances, as he could strike Oogami in the face as he was running away.

He can also open the carapace that serves as his head, revealing nothing but darkness and a pair of glowing eyes. He used this as a scare tactic while telling Oogami that he was capable of killing the wolf.



  • His name comes from a Japanese restaurant chain that's specialized in serving crab dishes and seafood, known as kani douraku (かに道楽) or crab dissipation.
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