Darwin Might Come

Gaiden 1

Chapter Bangai-hen Chapter
Volume Winter Special Jump
Chapter Guide

Darwin Might Come is an Bangai-hen manga because Oumagadoki Zoo were been already popular in such an short time.


It shows the unknown life of Hana that were never been showed in the manga. Wich as Igarashi as the host. It shows that Hana were been forced out of bed by Shiina which that Kisazou is almost crushing her with his long nose which that happens at 7:00AM. At 7:30AM Hana is doing the laundry which she's cleaning her clothes and that of the animals in Human forms. On 8:00AM, she's gathering food from the neighboring river. After that she is finished feeding the animals, she were been cleaning, but were been mad at Shiina again for some unknown reasons. During the Mid-day, she were been waiting at the Ticket Booth for customers with excitement but no one has appeared. She then is taking a shower which shows Igarashi again saying that he will lose his manners if he doesn't get his arabesque green-ling and look his way to Hana. After that he's been seeing her nude, he's then spreading blood from his nose and falls down unconsciousness which makes Hana screaming for what has happened. Shiina then says that he's gonna search for the culprit and trash him thinking that Igarashi has been attacked but he's fainted in his own blood.