Chouda (町田 Chōda) is an Ostrich and one of the animals of the Oumagadoki Zoo.


When transformed, he has light brown skin and his head and face is covered with brown hair with only his eyes, his mouth, and a tiny round nose visible. He also has a long neck with a puffy neck band at the end. His right hand has eyes and pointed yellow fingers which resembles an ostrich's head. His left has only two fingers and resembles an ostrich's leg. He wears an olympic uniform with a sash and running shoes.


He has a habit of saying "Ho".


His legs are extremely powerful as shown in the one-shot where he kicks one of the henchmen as the mask breaks.


Like every other animal, Chouda was one of the animals to be assembled by Shiina at the Oumagadoki Zoo.


  • His name (ちょうだ Chouda) comes from shuffling the syllables, as an ostrich is dachou (駝鳥, だちょう) in Japanese.
  • He has a habit of saying "Ho".

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