Chita (知多) is a cheetah and one of the animals of Oumagadoki Zoo.


When transformed, he appears very fat due to eating too much. His ears become glasses and his tail becomes a booster. He wears black shorts with yellow spots and his hands resemble gloves.


One of the more lazy members of the zoo at first, he made himself fat by both overeating and sleeping constantly. He also has little desire to run, as he feels that the only reason to do that is to either catch prey or escape predators. However, since his race with Shiina, he has taken some pride in his speed. Additionally, when properly motivated, he becomes able to run at amazing speeds.



Aoi HanaEdit

Upon meeting Chita, Hana tries her best to get him to gain back his running instincts. Her attempts fail, so, against Chita's wishes, she sets up a running contest with him against Shiina.

Tekka MakiEdit

Abilities and PowersEdit

Despite being bloat, he can surpass 100 km.


Chita's first appearance is in Chapter 3: Rabbit, Cheetah, and the Behavior Exhibition. He is depicted eating as he likes, and Uwabami tells Hana about him being a glutton, even among the others of the zoo. After complaining to the zoo director about the animals behavior, she tries to motivate Chita into gaining back his natural instincts. Chita states that he can sleep and eat for a living in return. He also tells Hana not to tell the director, or else he won't be forgiven. She then falsely informs Shiina that Chita has been boasting about his supposedly superior speed, and as a result the director sets up a contest to see who is the fastest between the two. Three-fourths through the race, Shiina takes a break, much like the fable 'The Tortoise and the Hare'. Chita, far behind the director, questions the meaning of runnnig for food. Slowly, he begins to enjoy the concept and this results in a huge spurt of speed. Determined to win, Shiina then jumps straight to the finish line, pushing Chita down and winning the race.


  • His name(知多, ちた Chita) sounds like Cheetah (チーター Chiitaa).

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