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The Bunny, The Gorilla and the Animal Keeper

Chapter 2 Cover

Usagi to Gorira to Shīkuin
Chapter 2
Volume Welcome to Oumagadoki
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Welcome to Oumagadoki
The Rabbit, The Cheetah and The Behavior Exhibition

The Bunny, The Gorilla and the Animal Keeper (ウサギとゴリラと飼育員 Usagi to Gorira to Shīkuin) is the second chapter of the Oumagadoki Zoo series.



Shiina stomps Hana

Shiina stomps Hana

In Hana's room, she were been sleeping and since the summer holidays were been started she wants to sleep a lot longer and thinks that she is sleeping at her own house. She wonders what for kind of noise is coming but Shiina barge in telling that she must gonna wake up and work. Hana then hold her Keeper's Journal about her time at the zoo. During the Keepers Journal outline, Shiina were been binding and ask her if she is ready and explains her about the zoo and that she must gonna work 24/7. Hana were been asking again that she must gonna work in the zoo forever until Shiina got his body back, she then says that her mother is going to be worried and that she must gonna have clean underwear. She then says that she cannot move in the zoo and sees that Shiina has been disappeared. Shiina then jumps above her saying that it was a foolish question. He then says whether animal keeping or cleaning it stays uninteresting crap. Hana then tries to avoid it but Shiina where been throwing a carrot on her hand and then stamps on her telling her that it is her job to do. At 8:00PM Shiina were then been explaining that the zoo is going to be open at 9:00PM and until then she must gonna do the cleaning. Then Shiina were been explaining more about the zoo, because about the huge size of the zoo the park has been segmented. It has been separated in four different areas according to the cardinal points.

He then tells where they are right now is the west area of the zoo. Hana then says since they doesn't has no much time, she must gonna do the cleaning in the west area. Shiina the says that she must gonna clean the whole place and though about their schedule. Shiina then comes with a formula that Hana must getting skill to run the zoo at her own plus making the zoo the most popular in the world is that he will get his true body back. Hana then comments that he must gonna stop making weird formulas. Hana then is looking over the west area and she must finish it within one hour. She then tells Shiina that it is not a thing ones dying to do. Shiina then were been saying yeah and so what.

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