• KidProdigy

    End of Oumagadoki Zoo??

    December 24, 2010 by KidProdigy

    I knew it, a epic arc after 8 chapters... I saw this on a website and i tough that it is the end of Oumagadoki. I want to know if it is really the end but RedHawkScans is literally far behind the chapters. I will check after new the new year at Shonen Jump and will see if the series will continues or not???

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  • OhJay

    About chronology

    December 22, 2010 by OhJay

    It's great writing about arcs and all, but rather than writing about what characters did in arcs, what about writing of their history? Shiina has a lot of things he did in the past, so why not write about that? Take One Piece Wiki for example; instead of writing what did in the first arc, they wrote about their pasts and such. So let's try that , ok

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